Let us help you fit the pieces together

A small business supporting independent business owners.

Family-owned and operated, B & B Location Services, LLC exists to support you.

Renee has more than 20 years of paralegal experience in numerous areas of the law, work experience in 2 states (and exposure to many others) and a lifelong passion of seeking answers.

Alisha has more than a decade of experience in problem-solving and possesses an eagle's eye for detail. 

See what others are saying about us:

"Renee has ALWAYS been great to work with.  She has helped me form multiple businesses and gives insightful advice.  I recommend her services."  - Clay Smith

"Renee is a professional with integrity and fabulous follow through." - Tracee Dore

"Best in the business!  Renee's strategies are brilliant!  Need to FIND someone, she can do!  Need to HIDE something, she can do that too!!! All legal!" - Harry Borders

"If you're a real estate investor and you need to 'find the owner,' first you need to find Renee!" - Lauren Willoughby